5 May 2022

This webinar explored issues of spirituality which we define as the process and experience of meaning making in the life of the individual and community as we find our place in the world and beyond. How this relates to older people and the communities they live in is central to this webinar. Two leaders in their respective fields were invited to explore issues of Spirituality in today’s Ageing Communities.
Dr Eleanor Flynn is a retired Palliative care practitioner and a medical educator and who is currently working in theological education. Eleanor spoke on ‘The Challenges of Ageing and Spirituality in COVID’, exploring the impact of lock down or people in Aged Care and their own homes, and the impact of COVID on the rites and rituals around loss and death
Dr Irene Renzenbrink is a grief counsellor with many years of experience working with individuals and communities across the life spectrum, including the aged, on issues such as loss and grief. Irene spoke on ‘Healing Loss and Grief in Later Years: the Importance of Creativity and Spiritual Resources’.

The webinar attracted people working in Pastoral Care and Aged Care and was a stimulating start to our 2022 program.