mid- February 2021


Rushall Park Retirement Village

The Centre for Spirituality and Community Care is planning to hold a half day seminar in mid- February 2021 at Rushall Park Retirement Village.

We have invited three leaders in their respective fields to address the seminar.

Ilsa Hampton, CEO of Meaningful Ageing, based at the Parkville campus of Royal Melbourne Hospital’ will talk about issues of spiritualty and Ageing and reflect on the effect of COVID19 in these areas.

Dr Eleanor Flynn, a retired palliative care practitioner and medical educator working in theological education, will speak on one of her current interests – the rites and rituals around loss and death.

Dr Irene Renzenbrink, a resident at Rushall Park who has recently completed a doctorate in Expressive Arts Therapy. She has worked with individuals and communities across the life spectrum, including the aged, on issues such as loss and grief. She is in the process of publishing a book, with a chapter focussing on spirituality, ageing and creative arts.

We aim to attract people working in Pastoral Care and Aged Care, and hope this seminar will prove to be a stimulating start to2021, providing a change from the last 12 months of virtual meetings It is intended to be interactive and lead onto further study in these areas.

Special Interests

Is there an aspect of “Spirituality of Care and Community” in which you have a particular interest?

Would you like to form or join a group of people to explore your interest?

If so Jill Webb, our Secretary, can be contacted by email on